Quality and Pile (view in Bahasa Melayu)

Q-Pile Machineries Sdn. Bhd. has become Terengganu’s pioneer in piling work, regarding all kind of pile & size. The company was very well known as Babena Pile Sdn. Bhd. among east coast citizen, has been expertise in piling business for more than 20 years & hundred of project within that time. With large credit facilities from ICP Sdn. Bhd. for supplying concrete pile,  Q-Pile Machineries has the ability to support local contractor on supply and handling concrete pile for any project. This will give the contractor the flexibility it needs to successfully secure and complete projects with varying elements.

As a subsidiaries of Q-Bena Resources, the company has moved forward with the times and expand their business to fulfill high demand in machineries rental services along with rapid economic growth in Terengganu. Within that time, the number of machineries own by Q-Pile has been increase with various type to ensure company has ability to support any kind of construction work.

Q-Pile Laboratory was establish at company’s headquarters, and since then we able to conduct test cube for concrete to determine it’s strength. We believe in adopting the culture of knowledge sharing to provide quality service and consultancy in this material testing services. The year 2008 was highlight moment for Q-Pile Machineries, where it was the first time ever company awarded to complete building construction project. There were also few construction project in following years that manage to complete by Q-Pile & Machineries.